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The top section of the dial shows double-hour numbers and symbols (corresponding with 24-hour cycle) and an aperture which displays the current zodiac. The left section of dial displays the Chinese calendar month, date, and leap month. The moon phase is displayed at the bottom. This is because it's a lunisolar clock, which means that the lunar cycle (which lasts about 29 and half days) is its base unit. This can be a bit confusing for people who aren't familiar with the way this system works. In a nutshell, this means that each new month starts with a full moon and has 29 or 30 day. This is obviously less than the total number of days in an entire year. It is therefore sometimes necessary to include the 13th month. This product is interesting for a small market because of the peculiarity and complexity. It might not be a bad idea, however, because it's the market that has the largest population in the entire world.

Iwc Ingenieur Replicat Hora Mundi WatchAnother outstanding product, though not new, was revealed at Baselworld 2011, a special travellers watch from the brand founded by Abraham-Louis Iwc Ingenieur Replicat, one of the most innovative and significant watchmakers of all time in the history of horology. Iwc Ingenieur Replicat Hora Mundi was the watch displayed. It was the first mechanical timepiece with a caliber that allows its wearer instantly to switch between two time zones selected previously, without disturbing its timekeeping functionality. This beautiful watch, which is fitted with a round case (swiss replica watches), also features a moonphase indication and depicts part of the world on its blue dial.

Chopard L.U.C. Lunar One WatchThe brand with headquarters in Geneva displayed the L.U.C. Lunar one timepiece that was first shown at this year's edition of the Baselworld fair. The Geneva-based brand displayed the L.U.C Lunar One watch, which was shown for the first time at Baselworld this year. The dial is exceptionally refined and features a very accurate moon phase indicator. The watch also includes a perpetual calendar and a small second counter with a dual window date display. Behind the stunning aesthetics is technical expertise. The automatic mechanical L.U.C. 96.13.L movement in the Chopard L.U.C. Lunar One watch bears the Geneva Seal for quality. The self-winding movement is decorated beautifully and has a power reserve of 70 hours.

Franck Müller Giga Tourbillon WatchFrank Muller is the next exhibitor in the World Brand Piazza at Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012. The Swiss watchmaker chose to exhibit the same watch as it did at the previous edition of the biggest fair in the watch world, but this time,Rolex Submariner Replica Watches the dial was completely covered with diamonds. Franck Müller's Giga Tourbillon is a remarkable piece of technology that has unmatched and unique features. It was not surprising to see it on display again. It has the largest tourbillon ever made in watchmaking, which is why it requires more power. Four barrels were added to the watch, allowing it to have a 9-day power reserve.